As healthcare payment models continue to evolve, health systems face mounting pressure to improve patient satisfaction and reduce costly variation in clinical outcomes. JJMDC now offers a portfolio of Connected Health capabilities, each providing synergistic tools for patients and providers to improve the flow of health information and maximize engagement throughout the treatment journey, with the goal of achieving better health outcomes – together.

Rethinking Care Coordination.

JJMDC recognizes that defined care plans and patient adherence to their care plans are critical for successful health outcomes. Our range of resources are designed to help educate and motivate patients, while strengthening communication between patients and providers to help care teams gather the insights they need to effectively manage patient care.

By leveraging deep clinical and consumer insights, strong external partnerships, user-centered design, and advanced data science and analytics, JJMDC can help bring care management to a new level.

*Connected Health capabilities are fee-for-service offerings.

Tailoring Capabilities for Sustainability